10 Keys to Avoiding Rape (Part 2)

By on November 15, 2012

In our last post we looked at the first 5 keys to preventing a sexual assault. If you have not read it yet, you can view it by clicking here. Just a heads up, this one is going to be quite long.


If you have any trouble with foul, filthy, obscene language, skip directly to the tips by scrolling directly to Tip #6. You will at least not be subjected to as much foul language.

For the rest of you, strap your fucking laces up and lets get going.

In this post we are going to continue our discussion moving on with the last 5 keys to preventing rape.

But before I do, I want to mention something. After I posted the last article I got a few emails and Facebook messages from women concerning the use (or actually the over use) of the word rape. Some of them thought that this word should not be used so much and some of them thought the word should not be used at all.

My wife, a very empowered woman, never took offense to the word in my article UNTIL one of her friends took offense to it. She then said that I should remove every use of the word. I, in not so many words told her no.

Whether you call it sexual assault, sexual violence, or whatever, it is all rape. To many people take the word rape as a taboo in our society. You can not let a word get to you so much. It is just a word we use to describe any sexual misconduct / attack. Being offended by the word rape would be like being offended by the word sunglasses. Again just a word.

The problem with the word RAPE, is the images it conjures up. And for the ladies out there it could be very traumatizing images. I understand that. But falling victim to the simple use of the word rape just puts us into a victim mentality. And there will be no more victims under my watch. Fuck that!

It is time that women start feeling more secure, empowered, and getting the knowledge they need to avoid RAPE and any other sexual encounter, domestic violence or violence in general.

And as a man, I feel very fucking ashamed at men for thinking that they can get away with this type of horseshit! I believe that if a man commits a rape, his fucking dick and nuts should be chopped the fuck off, in not a nice fucking way, and fed back to the piece of shit. I then believe he should be sent to a prison and made to be raped repeatedly by some other piece of crap. Serves him right, fucking bastard.

I will be doing a whole series of articles on women’s self defense and possibly even create a whole new section of our website just for you ladies. Until then, after you finish with this article and the previous one (if you haven’t read it yet) check out some of the other article floating around on the website. Some good info on the warrior mindset and other useful things.

Okay! Now that I got that out of my system lets try and move on to what this article is actually about.

Tip #6

Remember The Laura Croft Concept

The Laura Croft Concept is not delivering a whirlwind of blows to your would-be rapist, although that would probably be more fun. No, it is tricking your way out of being raped. Lie, deceive, and Lie some more. As we all know, L.C. is a very smart woman. Crafty like a fox. She uses her head to get out of trouble. As should you.

Here is a little story to make my point.

I have a cousin that is a VERY famous model (I will leave it at that). In fact, most guys will drool over her just by hearing her name. But one day, she was out doing a bit of shopping for her family. On her walk home she for some reason went down an alley (that she normally would not go down) to take a shortcut home.

After talking with her about it she said she was just thinking about what she was going to cook that night and didn’t even realize where she was walking.

Moving on

About 20 feet down the alley she was stopped and approached by a young man (early 20s) who noticed who she was. Even with her hair put up in a ball cap, dark sunglasses on, very little make up and just plain jane clothes. He first asked her for her autograph. She told him that she was kind of in a rush but she would give him a special autograph if he came to a signing she was going to be at in 2 days time.

Apparently he took that as she was interested in him. And 2 seconds later he grabbed her and pressed her up the wall kissing her all over and running his hands over her. And finally down her backend inside of her pants.

[pullquote1 quotes="true" align="center" textColor="#000000" cite="Coach Karma Senge"]If the person didn’t think they could take you, they would not have attacked you in the first place.[/pullquote1]

Not panicking, but realizing and accepting what is happening she got challenged and did what I thought was brilliant. She grabbed him and turned him into the wall (where she just was) and said in a seductive voice “woah, woah, woah big boy. If you want that, we can’t do this here.” She then looked at him and said “you’re cute. what is it you reaalllly want? Tell me.”

All this did was shock him. He had not prepared for someone compliant. And the second he started thinking and started to utter some words out about what he wanted, she kneed him right in that special spot and elbowed his jaw like a fucking UFC Champion. She dropped him like a sack of potatoes. And then ran all the way back to the store she got her shopping from and called the police.

The police actually found him still on the ground right where she laid him out.

Now the point to the story. Although my cuz did use some physical skills, did you notice the craftiness of what she did prior to striking him?

Plenty of other women have had extremely great success using this type of cunningness. One women I read about said virtually the same thing to her would-be-attacker but said she wanted to go freshen up and then slipped out the bathroom window. Another women said that she was not in the mood right then but if he went to the store to pick up some wine and got her drunk first he could have his way with her. And the second he left she locked the doors and called the cops. Guess who was waiting for him when he got back?

Tip #7

Don’t use physical violence ineffectively

If you have to get violent, make it count. To many times women will strike first but seriously ineffectively. All this is going to do is initiate the violence which normally leads to rape. Most of this is due to training. Or lack there of in most cases. You need to practice being violent. And you need to know what really works in most cases, not some hokey pokey martial art bullshit.


You goal is not to fight. Your goal is to escape. Period.

You are not assaulting him for disrespecting you or to correct his behavior. You are not there to teach him a lesson. You are attacking him to get the fuck away. And forget staying there to give him a piece of your mind after you’ve kicked the shit out of him. Go home to your family.


Call in the Cavalry

Remember, rape needs isolation. Getting some good friends around or heading to where people are is your safest bet. Even if your friends can’t do anything about the situation, they can get backup for you.

[pullquote1 quotes="true" align="center" textColor="#000000" cite="Coach Karma Senge"]Do not run from danger, run towards safety[/pullquote1]

Tip #9

Have a plan

This is a given. If all of your awareness and everything else has failed you and you find yourself in a bad situation, you need to have a pre-arranged plan of attack. This could be simply a thought in your mind of “fuck this person I am going to do whatever it takes to survive this and get away safely”, or a detailed plan of rehearsed phrases and physical attacks.

In other words, you need to know what you would do, and be capable of doing to stop an actual sexual assault on yourself. Now I can already hear some people saying to themselves, “I’d be fine, I would just kick him in the groin.” Others are thinking, “I’ll just wing it..” Well there is an old saying that goes “If you fail to plan, you had better plan to fail.”

Why do you think the military and police spend thousands and thousands of dollars to train and equip their soldiers for the front line? They know for a fact that the better trained each soldier / officer is, the more proficient they will be when they come under live fire.

Tip #10

Be Fighting Fit

Now this may sound weird to some of you. Why the hell is this in a rape prevention article. Well because this is one of the most practical self defense strategies for anyone. One thing that keeps going around and around in my head is that movie Zombieland. Seen that? It has some great rules to live by.

Rule #1 was Cardio. Pretty much, run your ass off. And even if you are some badass Steven Segal (movie like) Navy fucking Seal with 300 kills under you, your best option is to still run and escape.

So invest some time to get and/or keep fit. You won’t regret it.

I try and workout 4-5 days a week. For about 20 -45 minutes each session and quite intense too. You don’t necessarily need to do that. But you do need to workout. Besides working out, do some things that will just keep you more active. Stand to work at your computer instead of sitting (Like I am right now). Play with your kids outside. Go for a nice long walk with a loved one, or with your bff.

I will be posting more articles and even videos of workouts anyone can do right in their home. So stay tuned.

Well, there you have it, All 10 keys to avoiding a sexual assault. I hope you got something out of the article. Until next time.

STAY PRIMAL, my friends


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