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10 Keys To Avoiding Rape (Part 1)

By on November 14, 2012

Like most real world assaults, most situations can easily be avoided. Rape can also be easily avoidable with proper training. But, avoiding rape is only easy if you understand what is going on in your surroundings, within yourself, and haven’t blindly put yourself into a high risk situation.

Without these factors you will not be prepared mentally or physically to do what you have to do in order to prevent being raped. In short, if you go into dangerous situation without being prepared, you’re going to get hurt or worse.

And by being prepared we don’t just mean having a list of “I’ll just do this if it ever happens” type shit. There’s a giant gap between intellectually ‘knowing’ something and being mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to stop from being raped.

Now when I do lectures & seminars to women, I always bring up the 10 Keys to avoiding a Rape situation. So in this post I would like to bring those up for you. I will not spend a lot of time on these, I just want to get these out for you. We will go deeper into each one of these in upcoming posts.

Key #1

Don’t Put yourself into a high risk rape situation

When I first talk about this point, most women I speak with are like “NO DUH!” But yet, it is something that the nearly 2,000,000 women worldwide who are raped every year didn’t manage! And that figure also does not include those rapes that are not reported. Or rapes against men. Yes ladies, it happens to us as well. So obviously this idea needs to be looked at more closely. And we will go into it in a later post. Until then, think what this key means to you.

Key #2

Situational Awareness

Now ladies, this does not mean that you are aware that your shoes match your outfit or that your hair is out of place. This means knowing what is going on around you in your environment as well as inside yourself. And the better you are at situational awareness, the easier it will be to spot a developing situation.

In todays day of technology, iPods, iPhones, iPad, and i this or i that, we miss much of what is going on around us. Look for people out of place. Look for escape routes & improvised weapons. Look for vans parked next to your car. Look at the level of fear and anxiety inside yourself. Things like that. Again, we will go in deeper later on.

Key #3

Avoid Isolation

Becoming isolated is one of the biggest No No’s you can make. If you have any doubt in your mind about being with someone you are with, DO NOT go off with him. Stay in public with preferably lots of people around. And going off with multiple guys does not constitute safety. You are now isolated with multiple guys. Don’t be cut from the heard.

Also realize that in a house full of people, you can put yourself into a bad situation with a potential rapist by simply being isolated in a separate room with him. Whether you willingly go in there together or he follows you, you’re in a bad predicament. If you sense something is wrong, GET BACK TO THE GROUP!

Key #4

Use Your Instincts

In the book “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker, he stated that in every single violent attack including rapes, muggins, robberies, terrorist attacks, and more, the victim(s) somehow knew in-advance of the attack happening.

[pullquote1 quotes="true" align="center" textColor="#000000" cite="Coach Karma Senge"]Your Intuition has never failed you, you just stopped listening to it.[/pullquote1]

Now I am a firm believer that most people, particularly females, can usually trust their instincts. The biggest problem is that we use our intellect to completely disregard our intuition. If we just unplug a little from our technology and take notice of things, our instincts will help protect us. That is what they are there for.

The fact is, since humans first walked the earth (no matter how you believe we got here), we have developed this instinct / intuition to help us avoid that which wants to harm us. It is PRIMAL! We need to listen to it.

If you don’t already have it or have not read it yet, I SERIOUSLY recommend you getting Gavin’s book. Click here to get The Gift of Fear. You wont regret it.

Key #5

Do NOT Incapacitate Yourself

Drinking (or drugs) and self protection do not go well together. Plain and simple. Get even the nicest people intoxicated and they can and will do things you never would have guessed.

As a basic rule of thumb to avoid any type of crime, do not get intoxicated any place where you are not in a secure location with people you completely trust. Now this does not mean you can not have a drink or two if you are going out with the girls or to a club or something. Just don’t get hammered.

Well that is the end of Part 1. To read Part 2 Click Here

STAY PRIMAL, my friends
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