The Complete Survival Tin

By on February 8, 2013

The Most Essential Survival Kit

Over the last couple of days I have been seeing more and more threads on the internet from people asking what should go into a survival tin and even people asking what IS a survival tin.

In this article I hope to clarify some of those questions

What is a Survival Tin

A Survival Tin is simply a tin box (usually an Altoids type tin) with certain items in it that can help you survive a bad situation you might find yourself in. This is something that you should have on you at all times. It fits nicely in a cargo pocket or even in a jacket.

I also recommend using what is in your tin as often as you can. This way you get to know what is in it and how to use the stuff. For instance, I light my gas stove with my fire steel and use my commando wire saw to take down small limbs while doing yard work.

What is in a survival tin?

Well what you will put in your survival tin will probably be different to mine. Although, there will be many similar items. This is what I have in mine. I have also added some links to things so you can see exactly what I have in mine for those that might not know what these things are.

One thing that I also do is a mirror polished the inside lid of my tin to use as a signal. I also wrap my tin with rubber bands instead of paracord like some others will tell you to do. This is because I am constantly using the stuff in my tin. And if it was wrapped in paracord, it would just be a pain in the butt to constantly be taking it off. Plus I already have plenty of paracord with my paracord belt and wrist band.

And just for you people that like a little bit of style to go along with your survival, check out this cool paracord cozy for your tin. Click Here

So what other things do you have in your tin? Have you made one up yet?


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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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