The “Go Bag” Checklist

By on February 15, 2013

A Go Bag, sometimes called a bug-out-bag (or BOB) is a survival bag that contains the most important items you will require to survive after a disaster for around 72 hours. Sometimes this is even called a 72 hour bag. I just prefer the term “Go Bag”.

The idea here is to have your go bag packed and ready to go (hence my name go bag), so you can grab it as quickly as possible, and get out your home in the  event a disaster were to happen happen.

What Should go in the Go-Bag?

When deciding what should go in your go bag consider the 3 main things you need FIRST. That would be water, shelter and fire. Food is important, but not vital.

Below is a list of items (in no specific order) that I use in my go bag and that you should consider adding to your go-bag. One thing I will say is your bag will be different than my bag. You need to make sure your bag is specific to YOUR needs and requirements. I highly doubt that you will need everything on this list. And I am sure there will be things you need not on this list. Just keep in mind the location and climate that you will bug out to and plan accordingly.

Make sure you have a Go-bag prepped for EACH one of your family members. You will not be able to install everything your entire family needs in one bag. I have a go bag for each person of my family at every single one of my bug out locations. Might be something you want to consider doing as well.

Go-Bag Contents

The Go Bag Itself!

This might be the most important part of your bag. You need to choose a good bag to install all of your necessary gear and withstand any snags and hiccups you might come across while bugging out.

Here are two less expensive packs

And don’t forget one for each of the dogs too.

Survival Tin

This is something you should always have on you. Click here to find out what should be in one.


This is the one thing that you must have in order to survive. Remember the rule of 3. You can survive without food for 3 weeks, but you can survive for only 3 days without water. Make sure you are able to carry water with you as well as having ways to purify other water sources like lakes and rivers.

Pack enough to last 5 days. I do this to make sure I have enough. You can put things like beef jerky, canned meat, nuts, chocolate, and high calorie Paleo bars etc. Freeze-dried foods and MREs (meals ready-to-eat) are also really good to install. When choosing foods to install in your go bag make sure you choose foods that are light weight and high in calories and nutrition. Try and stay Paleo as much as possible.


If you a do manage to run out of your food supply, you will have to find other sources of food. So in that case you will need a few supplies to pack in your go bag as well.

Shelter And Sleeping

If you are going to survive out in the wilderness for a few days, you will definitely need some sort of shelter to protect yourself from the elements. You will also need a warm and comfortable place to lay your head.

Clothing – your most basic form of shelter

Also make sure you are wearing some quality boots and clothing to begin with.


Fire (or heat) is something we all need for survival. If you have to bug out to the woods for whatever reason, just being able to make fire could mean the difference between life and death. And having the tools and knowledge to do so can also be a great moral booster. These items are what I recommend.


Even in an emergency situation, you will still need to make some food. We all need to eat to stay alive. So here are some good stuff to help you cook up a good meal.

Tools & Weapons

Everyone has there own idea of what is best as far as weapons and protection goes. But here are some tools and weapons that I have that I recommend.


Unless you are count Dracula or some other nocturnal creature, you will need to see when the sun goes down.

First Aid

I do not believe in a single prepackaged first aid kit. I believe you should specifically create one yourself. For some ideas check out our store.  Click here

Communication & Navigation

If SHTF, you are going to need to communicate with others about things going on and even to help find other people. Maybe even a loved one. You will also need to know where you are and where you are going.

Other gear you will want

For more gear ideas, see our store by Clicking here.


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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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