Government IS Targeting Preppers

By on January 18, 2013

In a time of crisis What do you think the government will go after?

They are going to be coming after YOUR food supply. Think it won’t happen? It already is. Listen to this story.

That actually happened to a friend of a friend, Richard. Rich had called the police to report a burglary in the house next door (The residence were on vacation). And when the police officer was in his house making a statement, the officer noticed that Rich had loads of food stock. This made the officer ‘un easy’ as my friend put it.

Within 24 hours Rich had police all over his house taking his food, weapons and other preps, just because. They told him that he was ‘under surveillance’ from that point on.

Now I fully believe in having a stock of food, water, medical, and other supplies, but I am sure not going to let the government or anyone around me get a hold of it. Or even know about it for that fact. They ‘might’ know that I have a stock, but they will NEVER know where it is, or how much I have, or how many locations I have.

YES, I am paranoid!

Most Americans so not have a food supply. What do you think Americans will do, when they won’t have enough food to put on their kids tables?

It’s going to be ugly.

Imagine that trucks can’t haul food across America. Or imagine that a panicked mob just looted all superstores in your area. Whatever happens… your family is left at the mercy of an incompetent government.

FEMA certainly wont help them.

What do you think the government will do? Let everyone starve to death? No. The government is going to try and make everyone equal. So they will take YOUR hard earned food stock and make you stand in the bread lines just like everyone else. In fact, FEMA and other government agencies are already starting to survey farms and record everyone who are preppers so that they CAN come and take your stuff.

How do you plan on keeping the government from getting at your supplies?


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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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Not to mention they are spying on prepper sites, groups and forums. I will be doing a post on this soon.

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