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How to Become Completely Primal

By on September 8, 2012

You May Not Be as Primal as You Think!

Most people that find out about Paleo usually never go any further than learning about the Paleo diet itself. Sometimes they might even delve deeply into the diet, learning all the science behind it.

And then just a few of those people go into learning a bit about the whole Paleo type of exercising and lifestyle. Things like MovNat, learning how to become a great Paleo chef, etc.

But there is so much more that goes into the whole Paleo life that most people miss out on. I believe more than anything you need to have a few different “ingredients” to become truly Primal.

First off is of course knowing and understanding all about the Paleo diet. With knowing not to eat grains is of course (in my opinion) the biggest part of Paleo.

Next is the understanding of natural movement. And understanding what we were designed to do movement-wise and learning how to be efficient in our movements. This is what things like MovNat does. And they do it and teach it very well. I am a BIG supporter of MovNat.

But one area that most people miss out on that we were evolved to do is defend ourselves. Even this is an area covered a bit by MovNat.

But how does this really play a role in our daily Paleo lifestyle? First lets look back at the daily life of a hunter gatherer. What did they do every day? They went out to forage, hunt and had lots of down time to be with family and friends. But they also had to deal with predators and threats of neighboring tribes all the time.

Due to this, they had to learn and develop certain things to defend themselves properly under some really harsh conditions. Over millions of years there are still physiological and psychological reflexes and conditions that are still in us even today.

WHAT, You don’t believe me? Well have you ever heard of the fight or flight response? Or have you ever seen anyone get startled and flinch when about to be struck by something. Or flinch or freeze when scared by a friend. Even babies and children do these things. These responses were built into us over millions of years to help us protect ourselves. If we did not develop these traits our species would not be here today.

Moving on to our current daily Paleo life, we still need to know how to defend ourselves from predators (criminals or others trying to do us harm). This has not changed. I think that society today can be just as harsh, if not more harsh than it was even 100 thousand years ago.

I also believe that everyone needs to learn how to properly defend themselves and others. Don’t you?

I think this is a subject most people are afraid to delve into. For fear of whatever. But us Paleo folk I think are a bit tougher. We are used to telling people things they are not accustomed to hearing. Like, I don’t eat rice, or bread, or pasta.

But one of the biggest problems lie in knowing what to learn. Learning any martial art under the sun is NOT going to help you defend yourself when the time comes to use it. You need to find someone and a system that addresses everything you need to know for modern survival.

Things like awareness, avoidance, de-escalation tactics, how to overcome fear, panic and freezing in a fight, how to deal with the aftermath of a violent encounter, legal and ethical implications, and even how real confrontations and attacks actually happen. Not to mention how to incorporate things like the flinch response into your training.

You might be surprised to know that 98% of all martial arts schools don’t cover any of this. And only around 40% of “self defense” schools teach some of this stuff. But only maybe 2% of self defense schools teach all that you need to know.

In my schools and seminars I try and teach absolutely everything a person needs to know about real self defense. And if I am not the best at giving certain information, I make sure I bring in someone to instruct in a certain area.

I also teach all about the Paleo diet , exercise and lifestyle as well. After all, my system is aptly named Primal Survival. Primal for obvious reasons. And Survival for many reasons. You see, in my mind, there is a lot to being “Primal”. The diet, fitness, self defense and lifestyle. And the lifestyle part can have many areas as well. I try and live as close to a primal lifestyle as my wife will allow me to.

I love to practice archery. Trekking through the woods. Growing my own veggies and fruits. Being barefoot (or at least wearing my Vibrams). Learning how to survive in the wilderness. And much more.

Now I know most of you will not want to go that far. But as far as learning self defense goes, I feel you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and everyone else to learn how to survive a confrontation.

Think about it this way. Imagine someone you love. Lets take a child for instance. Now if you don’t learn how to survive a violent encounter, WHO will take care of your child? Who will protect them? What will happen to their life after the fact if you do not survive it?

STAY PRIMAL, my friends


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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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