Primal Eating in Melchor, Guatemala

By on November 20, 2012

Yesterday we took a small trip to Melchor, Guatemala (my wife, daughter and two of our friends) to do a bit of shopping. We also went just to go visit and see what it was like. We live literally 15 minutes from the Belize / Guatemala boarder.

The start of the trip was a disaster with immigration. Apparently we were 4 whole days past our monthly passport stamp dates (that we have to get every month), and they wanted to charge us over $1000 each. That would have totaled $3000 in all. We did get it sorted out and ended up paying only $150 total. So that was good.

After the whole getting into the country ordeal, we finally made our way across the boarder and into downtown Melchor (el centro). We were at the market for hours and the whole time we were there and my wife and her girlfriend were shopping, I was freaking starving.

I have a hard time doing anything if I am hungry. Even just standing around and holding shopping bags. At least my friend Alberto was there to keep me company while the girls shopped.

For over 5 hours I scoured every single restaurant, street vendor and snack shop for any signs of a primal meal. And in a land of rice and beans, flour tortillas, sweet breads, and corn this and corn that, it is a very hard thing to find.

But after 5+ hours we found a chicken shop that served a Primal like meal. I was able to get myself a nice big piece of chicken breast, salad, slaw, an orange and water. I was so happy to have eaten.

The Point

The point of this story is to show you that you can find Paleo food anywhere. If I can find a Primal meal in the land of rice, corn and tortillas, DO NOT tell me you can not find a meal in Chicago. So many people complain that they can’t find Paleo food while they are out. I say hogwash.

Another reason is, I just wanted to tell you how my day went. ;)

STAY PRIMAL, my friends
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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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