Primal Workout of the Day (WOD) #1

By on May 9, 2012

You know, everyone that I know is doing some sort of workout of the month or week or day type of thing. So I have decided to do the same. I am pleased to announce the introduction of the Primal WOD.

Now before we get to the first workout, first a brief explanation…

What exactly is a WOD?

It is really a cross between a lot of my favorite types of training programs. Things like CrossFit, MovNat and others. In short, the Primal WOD will test things like your agility, balance, coordination, endurance, speed and strength and explosiveness. Everything you need for a total workout in each one.

These workouts will incorporate things like sprinting, jumping, climbing, short running (1.5 miles or less), combat specific training (of course), balancing, crawling, swimming, lifting heavy things (Not necessarily weights like you find in a gym), carrying, throwing, catching, & playing. Also expect to see variations of the 4 Essential Movements (Push-ups, Squats, Planks, & Pull-ups), & plyometrics.

The Primal WOD will often ask you to use added weight like sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, slosh tube, plate, rocks, big tree limbs, etc. And the weight amount will be up to you and your ability. Thus, I generally recommend that you master the 4 Essential Movements first before attempting the WODs to come.

Anything goes for WODs, including fun, so check back each week for a great workout that mixes things up and keep things interesting.

WOD #1

For this first WOD, I am going to keep things really simple by saying to only work on the 4 Essential Movements (sometimes you will hear me say “Core 4” for the same thing). You will not really need anything for these exercises except a bit of space. No weights or anything to buy. Maybe a tree limb, wall or pull-up bar at a park for the Pull-ups.

Try not letting your mind control how much you can do. Instead let your body tell you that it can’t do anymore of that exercise. I find to many people quit long before their body gives out simply by telling themselves this is hard or I can’t do anymore or whatever. You CAN do more than you think. Just try it.

One thing that helps me is constantly telling myself “Just 5 more” (no matter what number rep I am at). Then when I get to that number, I say it again. Then again, and again. Make sure you actually do the counting too. This will help take your mind off what you are doing. I say it out loud.

Push ups - Push ups are a very essential movement. If you can not do a proper push up on just your hands and feet, start out on your knees to take some of the load off and make it easier. This week try and get as high to the maximum mastery limit of push-ups. 50 for an average man, or 25 for an average women. If you do get there, GREAT, if not that is cool too. Just try your best and don’t stop until you can’t do anymore.

Squats - These are probably my favorite exercise to do. Make sure that when you do these your thighs are as parallel to the ground as you can get them. I imagine I am trying to sit on the back of my calf muscles.

Planks – My least favorite exercise. When you do these starting out do them on your forearms and knees. Then move to you forearms and feet when you build up a bit. And finally you want to be only on your hands and feet (similar to push-up position). Hold this pose for a minute if you can starting out. For those that can go longer than that, work up to 3 minutes. You really don’t need longer than that.

Pull-ups – These are my second favorite exercise. Probably because I love rock climbing. When you do these, do them with a palms facing away position about shoulder width apart (maybe a bit wider). And try and work your way up to 10 pull-ups.

Record & Share your results

Be sure to record everything you do. Be sure to note your state of health, energy level, motivation level, and the degree of difficulty as well as how many reps of each exercise you did.

And don’t forget to share your results and experiences in the comments area. It isn’t a competition, but it can be fun and motivating to compare your personal achievements with others.

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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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