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Sprint to Burn Fat!

By on May 12, 2012

On the Left is a Marathoner ; On the Right a Sprinter

Would you rather your body look like a sprinter or a marathoner?

Marathoners run at a moderate intensity for long duration periods, burning more relative fat compared to sugar. Sprinters train with high intensity bursts for short duration periods, burning more sugar, and less fat during the workout. Sprinters tend to be lean and muscular, while marathoners tend to be lean and much slighter. The reason for this is because when a high intensity burst of exercise is performed, the body burns more relative amounts of sugar, but burns more fat and calories after the workout. This effect can last from 16-48 hours, where low or moderate intensity exercise has no after burn effect.

Another important aspect of this type of exercise is the hormonal balance that it creates. Low to moderate intensity exercise produces a lot of unopposed cortisol, leading to a catabolic, muscle burning state. High intensity exercise also produces cortisol, but does so along with growth hormone and testosterone, enhancing fat burning, leading to an anabolic, or muscle building state. Studies have shown the high intensity method to be more effective at burning fat and maintaining, or building, muscle mass than long duration, lower intensity aerobic workouts.
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Great (short) post. I am primarily a long distance runner, but I might consider sprinting now.

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