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By on March 22, 2013


Wow, I am irritated today.

Ok, I wanted to bring up a thought that has been on my mind for quite sometime now. Today I got a message from another “Prepper” Facebook page putting me down for reposting something that they posted up using the original link instead of their own link which led to their website. They were pretty much blasting me for it.

So here is my response to that.

I have seen LOADS of people with “Prepper websites” lately popping up all over the place and are all over Facebook. Some of these people are genuine and awesome and provide some really great content. Then I have seen others that put up a website and Facebook pages with the only intention is to make money from unsuspecting people. How do I know this? Because I have been in the online business world for over 10 years now and have seen a lot of people do a lot of immoral things.

While I have no problem with someone making a living online (I do myself), these people are only doing it to make money. Not to honestly help others. They will “write” a post on their blog which is a crappy paragraph summery at best about something and then post a link to the original source. Their objective is to get you on to their page so you can “Like” them and possible stay around their site looking for other content. And while there, hopefully click on one of their ads which makes them money.

Some sites, this is all they do. They have no original content. These are the same type people that will use a site like Fiverr.com and pay for someone to give them 20,000 “Likes” on Facebook so they can convince people that others like them too for what is called social proof. And like I said their posts are a paragraph at best, maybe with a picture. These people actually really tick me off. If you want to make money, thats fine. But offer people some great original content. Offer them something honest. If you are wanting to let people know of a great article or something from someone else, post it up on Facebook or Twitter with a direct link to the article, without having to pass through your site first. That is called integrity, honesty. If I see anyone post something from someone else and the page re-directs though their page first for the sheer sake of passing through their own site, if I think the original content is good, I will repost it, but with the original link. Period!

After all, due to the popularity of the Doomsday Preppers type shows, prepping is huge right now. So you are going to find a lot of people that are just trying to make a buck off us preppers. If someone gives you a guest post to put on your site with a link back to their site, that is one thing. But in my eyes, what these people are doing is a very deceptive and dishonest practice that I do not agree with. I hope everyone knows what I am saying and understands.

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STAY PRIMAL, my friends

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