Survival Group or Survive Solo? The Great Debate

By on January 16, 2013

This is a real big survival debate that I have seen a lot of. There are countless people that believe that it is better to survive on your own and then there are countless people that believe you should survive with a group.

Even if you look at movies or books, it is always someone trying to survive on their own. But is it the best thing to do?

I believe that no matter what you believe you should right out a list of pros and cons of each. I see to many people say that they want to survive on their own simply because they are afraid for some reason. Maybe it is the fear that THEY will not be in charge. Or the fear that their voice will not get heard over all the others. Whatever the reason, do NOT make this about your ego. That could get you killed.

Now I personally believe that you should survive a SHTF scenario in a group. Sure if I survived alone I would need less supplies, I could move much faster, do and go where I want to, and have no arguments with anyone challenging my choices. Thats sounds brilliant doesn’t it?

But you have to look at the downside of this too. For instance, after a while (for most people) loneliness sets in. For some, this is enough to make a person go nuts or paranoid and even make extremely poor decisions. Not to mention if you are settled down somewhere for the night, who is going to stand watch while you sleep? Who is going to do a full perimeter sweep? Who will assist you should you get hurt?

Surviving with a group

Now if you survive a SHTF scenario with a group you will need extra supplies, will have to take the groups security into consideration, you will have arguments, and you might not even be the leader of the group. And I know some people out there have a real hard time taking orders.

But if you live within a group you will have a complete group support system and companionship. A group can also help carry loads of extra supplies. And bring supplies that you might not have even thought of before. On top of that, the work effort can be divided, and the security watch can be divided as well. And with a group you will have many more ideas and solutions to and problems that come up.

Now the only way I would live my survival group is if they genuinely started making choices that were going to bring harm to us. Or if they were to start making choices that are just clearly wrong (like murdering others just to take their gear and supplies). Then I would scout for another group.

There really is no middle ground here. You are either with a group or you are not. So like I said, write out a full list of pros and cons and make your decision. Just remember, whatever choice you make, you WILL have to live with the consequences of those decisions.

Now, before I go, let me just say this, statistically, groups that can stay together have a much higher probability of survival than those that have to survive alone.

Which way do you lean, Solo or Group?

Let us know in the comments below

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