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I have been in the martial arts for many many years now. I can honestly say that Kevin Smith is one of the best coaches (teachers) I have ever seen. His level of understanding of applicable self defense exceeds the majority of instructors out there.

- John Davis Ringgold


This website BranaOnline is truly a valuable resource. I have learned a lot in a very short amount of time while on here. Cant wait to get to the higher levels.

- Garreth Keating


BranaOnline is truly a good place to learn self defense. Its simple and effective.

- Emin Kulivev


I have been a part of a few different online learning websites to learn martial arts before but none of them compare to BranaOnline. BranaOnline not only teaches you how to deal with attackers while you are on your feet, but also how to deal with multiple attackers, weapons, and how to fight should the fight go to the ground. It combines my two favorite martial arts, Kali and Wing Chun.

- Matt Rose


I started my search for a martial art that fit me ten years ago. During that journey,I have tried Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do and Aikido only to find that they all lacked something I was looking for. Tae Kwon Do was my first endeavor in martial arts. I am not small nor do I have the build that lends its self to kicking high in the air. It in my opinion lacked the flexibility to adapt to my abilities and it was impractical for what I was looking for. The others also had things I couldn’t find as useable. Then I found Kevin Smith and the Brana Martial Art System. It had every thing i was looking for in a martial art. It has weapons, hand to hand and ground-fighting all taught so you know why not just how. I have known many instructors who gave me the impression that they were there for the paycheck, but not Guro Kevin. Guro Kevin is there to spread his vast knowledge learned from over twenty nine years experience in the arts. I count it an honor to call him Guro (teacher) and friend. If you are looking for an art to be involved with that will give you the skills to defend your self and an instructor who prides himself in your success then you would do your self a disservice to pass by and not stop to consider BranaOnline.com as a possibility.

- Wesley Harrelson



For the past few years I’ve searched for a martial art that had something remotely interesting to train in. I researched various type arts in my area and couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I was looking for. One day I happened to see a sign outside of the Brana Martial Arts Academy and decided to drop in just to see what went down in there. I walked in and had a quick conversation with Guro Kevin Smith just asking him about what exactly he did. I was hard pressed to keep my jaw from dropping at the mention of all these arts and the way he integrated them into his system. I started class that night, it was phenomenal to say the least. It was everything I had been looking for, and things I didn’t even know I was able to look for. It still dumbfounds me to think I’ve been lucky enough to train under this amazing instructor. I am constantly astounded with the mental and physical growth I’ve undergone in these past few months. I look forward to every single day and I’m constantly startled at the massive amounts of information this amazing instructor and friend, Guro Kevin Smith, continues to present me with. And now BranaOnline.com is the place where anyone can access all of this information no matter where you live. The definition of testimonial is a written affirmation of another’s character or worth. If you ever want to find out what it means to learn true self defense, look up Guro Kevin Smith. This is my testimonial and thanks to a truly awe inspiring teacher and friend Guro Kevin Smith.
- Drake Hancock


For year’s I’ve been waiting, and praying to be granted the opportunity to train under someone like Guro Kevin Smith. I’ve been with him since September 2004, and hope to be a student of his for many year’s. I’m very great full for this learning experience, and I will always Honor Guro Kevin Smith.

- Lawrence Gene Wilder Jr.


After trying out several other martial art systems, just a few shorts months of training with Guro Kevin Smith and his Brana Martial Art System, I feel I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible. Guro Kevin’s extensive knowledge of the martial arts shines greatly as he breaks techniques down to simple steps that anyone can follow. Not only do I need feel confident in my abilities to defend myself successfully on the street but as an additional benefit, I am in much better shape than ever do to the physical workout, not to mention the confidence booster and self discipline that comes from his instruction. Guro Kevin Smith is an excellent instructor and personality as well. I highly recommend his instruction to anyone looking for a truly effective form or self defense. Branaonline.com is an awesome resource.

- Kevin Knight


In April of 2005 i joined the Brana Martial Arts Academy. Since then I have found a new sense of confidence, more focus and i feel more in shape than I have since high school. I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to train in the martial arts. Guro Kevin Smith teaches everything from weapons, to ground fighting, unarmed techniques, to teaching how to overcome mental barriers along with overcoming the physical barriers. This is supposed to be a testimonial but I’m sending a thank you to my teacher for the advice in and out class that he has given me. Thank You Guro I look forward to many years of training at the Brana Martial Arts Academy and BranaOnline.com.

- Nick Kivette


My name is Larry Warbington and I am a local businessman from Birmingham. Over the years I have worked out in your traditional gyms to stay in shape as well as trained in boxing clubs. I worked out in a Japanese dojo for three years and at that time I felt like I was in great shape and capable of taking care of most situations that occurred on the streets. However, times have changed and the streets are much more violent now and I felt like a different type of training was needed to prepare me to take care of myself and my family. I new that I needed to learn more about the different fighting types than just the one normally taught in karate. I needed to see how the trapping and grappling zone came into play when fighting. The Brana Martial Arts Academy and its BranaOnline.com is the only place I have found that teaches all three fighting types in one place and Guro Kevin Smith is a very capable teacher. I would recommend to anyone that wants to learn first hand what techniques could possibly save their life to sign up.

- Larry Warbington

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