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About Primal Survival’s Reality Based Self Defense Programs and Classes

Primal Survival is a real-world self-defence system designed for people of every age, shape, size, and ability. There is no special physical training required – just the desire to learn how to protect yourself, your family and loved ones.

Primal Survival realistically addresses the physical as well as the often-neglected psychological, behavioural and emotional components of violent confrontations. Our principles are based on natural patterns of psychological and physical defences, as well as human behaviour in relation to predatory manipulation, extreme violence, aggression, desperation, drugs and alcohol.

Primal Survival’s concepts are easy to learn, with a simple and relevant approach to theory, and simple exercises that are quickly mastered and readily retained when they are needed. Participants can choose the level of physicality and intensity according to the courses that they select and the level of participation and involvement they wish to employ.

For the public, core courses cater to the broadest possible range of adult participants. Those wanting a higher level of expertise can participate in advanced courses.

All of our programs are comprehensive and address self protection holistically to give participants complete value that can be applied immediately. There are no belts, no uniforms, no difficult memorised movements, no competitions and no politics.

To us, self defence is about getting you home safely to your family. It’s not all about technical application, because in reality the technical stuff – fancy moves, in other words – usually fails. Our focus is on staying safe from violence either by avoiding it, diffusing it, or if necessary physically defending against it as efficiently and effectively as possible. All of our training is designed to help people live more empowered, confident lives free from un-warranted fear and worry.

Self Defence Programs:

Reality Based Self Defense Classes

Group RBSD classes, workshops and seminars – Train as much or as little as you like. more

Weapons Courses

Group Weapons Courses, workshops and seminars for everyone. more

Ground Combatives

Group Ground Combatives Courses, workshops and seminars. more

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