Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Specialized courses providing immediately applicable skills, increased confidence and team unity

Primal Survival provides professional corporate training in the form of specialised courses, workshops and seminars to businesses of all types and sizes throughout Belize.

We offer anything from a one-hour address to staff or short course, to a full day or multi-day program of theory and practice, and everything in between depending on your needs, including highly effective team building workshops.

Primal Survival’s many clients, which include companies and organisations all over Belize have benefited from our expertise in providing self defence and self protection training, conflict resolution skills, and even safety procedures for dealing with difficult employee terminations.

Primal Survival’s unique programs can include training on the behavioural, psychological and emotional aspects of conflict and violence, and result in heightened communication and decision making abilities under pressure which can be applied to all areas of the participant’s life.

We provide highly effective training in:

Because they can be tailored to your needs, Primal Survival’s corporate programs also provide fantastic opportunities for morale and team building. Courses are taught in an interesting and engaging way, with plenty of opportunity for activity and vigorous discussion.

We can deliver a program to your company anywhere in Belize. There is no minimum or maximum number of attendees required.

In addition to our Corporate Programs, Primal Survival has also provided specialised and tailored courses, workshops to seminars to organisations of every type and size throughout Belize.

We have delivered highly effective self defence, conflict resolution, and other successful courses to organisations as diverse as:

  • Belize Blind foundation
  • Community group meetings
  • Rotary and RYLA
  • ‘A Supported Life’ – For adults with disabilities
  • Ministry Of Education
  • ‘Everyday Communities’ Organisation
  • School special needs centres
  • SPCA
  • Home Schooling organisations
  • Non-profit organisations
  • City Councils and local council-run organisations
  • Martial arts groups
  • Sports groups and teams
  • City Mission’s
  • YWCA
  • And many, many more.

We can tailor courses and content to suit your requirements.

To find out more about Primal Survival’s Self Defence Corporate programs, make an enquiry

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