Programs for Schools

Programs for Schools

Schools and universities throughout Belize are taking an increasingly pro-active approach to the personal safety of their students and staff by providing or arranging onsite self defence courses.

Protect provide specifically designed separate courses for students and staff to address the individual challenges they will face regarding personal safety.

The contents of these seminars are unique to Belize and provide participants with real, functional skills to assist in identifying and avoiding violent situations, de-escalating aggressive situations, physically defending against violent attacks if necessary as well as dealing with the potential consequences and aftermath of real situations.

Protect offer four main options for schools:

  • Self defence courses for girls, boys, or mixed classes
  • Self protection courses for teachers and staff
  • Keynote talks on violence prevention and personal protection to students and/or staff
  • Train-the-trainer course for P.E. and/or Health teachers

Courses can be delivered anywhere in Belize.

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High School

Boys Self Defence Course
Girls Self Defence Course
Teacher / Staff Self Defence Course

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