Boys Self Defense Program

The Primal Survival™
Boys High School Safety Awareness & Self Defense Program

The Primal Survival Safety Awareness and Self Defense Program for High School Boys is designed specifically for tomorrows men. This program is delivered by respected and trained professionals. Our program has been taught to more than 100,000 teenage students.

This course is specifically designed to address the fundamental questions, problem solving and peer pressure scenarios experienced daily by todays high school males.

Our mission is to make tomorrows men, fathers, peacemakers and providers…. and we do, each and every day.

Course Syllabus

Hour 1 – Legalities of Using Self Defense / Primary Strikes

In this hour, students discuss the legal ramifications of using self defense techniques and when it is appropriate. Emphasis is on recognizing potentially dangerous situations and importance of avoiding them. This hour includes discussion on use of Non-Violent Posture and its ability to help defuse a confrontation or to prepare for potentially violent situation. Choice verbal skills are discussed and how they can be the difference between getting away without confrontation or how they can incite an attack. Students are also taught how to execute basic, gross motor strikes from any stance just in case a confrontation becomes violent. All participants get the opportunity to practice with partners in addition to striking pads in order to get a feel for actually striking something.

Hour 2 – Common Holds / Releases

In this hour, students are taught how to escape basic holds such as front and rear bear hugs, chokes, rear strangles, and headlocks in addition to importance of yelling and attracting attention. Emphasis is put on striking first to avoid being put in these holds, but once in them, how to escape as quickly as possible in order to ensure a safe getaway. Students get the opportunity to practice with partners as well as in groups with quick pressure attacks from multiple attackers.

Hour 3 – Blocking / Ground Survival

In this hour, students are taught how to block both haymaker and straight punches. Students are taught how to identify as early as possible, the execution of these attacks through physical and verbal warning signs in order to be able to react quickly and effectively. Students practice drills with partners in addition to use of blocking pads. Participants begin to explore ground survival, first addressing an attacker trying to take victim to ground. Discussion includes the dangers and hazards of being taken to the ground as well as techniques to prevent being taken down in order to escape.

Hour 4 – Ground Survival Continued

In this continuation on ground survival, the students are taught the importance of getting up both quickly and properly in order to avoid another takedown and to escape quickly. Also addressed is the scenario of the attacker standing above a downed victim and how to execute effective kicks to attacker while looking for opportunity to get to feet and escape. Next steps taught are how to deal with attacker who has been able to grab one or both legs and how to prevent the attacker from gaining the mount position. From here the students are taught how to properly execute a bridge technique which is paramount in all ground escapes taught. The students are shown how to escape chokes from the mount and guard positions. Finally the students are taught how to block and escape from punches thrown from mount and guard positions. Throughout this class are demos of scenarios and repeated opportunities to practice escaping these attacks.

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