Girls Self Defense Program

The Primal Survival™
Girls High School Safety Awareness & Self Defense Program

The Primal Survival™ Safety Awareness and Self Defense Program for High School Girls is the most widely accepted safety awareness and self defense program for high school girls throughout Belize & the USA. Our program has been taught to more than 100,000 teenage students.

This course is specifically designed to address those needs experienced daily by high school girls.

Unfortunately, 1 in 4 Women will be assaulted during their lifetime… and the highest risk group is teenage women!

Our mission is to change this…. and we do, each and every day.

Course Syllabus

Hour 1 – Danger Detection Strategies

In this hour, students learn how to identify potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them. They are taught skills to help prevent being chosen as a potential victim such as importance of confident body language, verbal skills and learning how to use their intuition to avoid unsafe circumstances. We then review some of the most common scenarios that teens may find themselves in which pose risk such as elevators, public transportation (buses, taxis), dating, being followed, dangers of ipods and cell phones, distraction techniques, plus much more.

Hour 2 – Basic Striking Skills

In this hour, students are taught how to execute basic, gross motor strikes from any stance just in case a confrontation becomes violent. Students will be taught all of the basic tools they need to survive an assault. All participants get the opportunity to practice with partners in addition to striking pads in order to get a feel for actually striking something.

Hour 3 – Basic Holds

In this hour, students are taught how to escape basic holds such as bear hugs, wrist grabs, chokes, in addition to importance of yelling and attracting attention. Emphasis is put on striking first to avoid being put in these holds, but once in them, how to escape as quickly as possible in order to ensure a safe getaway. Students get the opportunity to practice with partners as well as in groups with quick attacks from multiple attackers.

Hour 4 – Ground Survival

In this hour, students get to learn the skills necessary to prevent from being taken to the ground, to what to do from common ground attack scenarios to how to get up properly after attack. Skills taught will include what to do if victim is on the ground while attacker is still standing. Then the students are taught how to avoid being put in mount position if attacker is also on the ground. SAFE instructors will address how to handle being choked in mount or guard position. Depending on time left, students may be taught how to handle attacker striking from mount or guard position.

Hour 5 – Simulated Attacks

In this hour, students get the opportunity to practice what they have learned in a high adrenaline simulated attack. This allows the students to experience actually being grabbed, pinned and held by padded instructor who takes them through a number of techniques taught as well as some which have not been introduced. Students experience firsthand what is known as an adrenaline dump and how it affects their ability to fight back. The students quickly learn why they are only able to execute gross motor strikes and movements. Another important aspect of the attacks is to give the students confidence, but not a false sense of over-confidence. This hour does an excellent job of emphasizing why the first hour of avoiding trouble is so important. Most students tell us that our simulated attacks are the most physical activity they have ever been involved in. The wrap up discussion includes the students thoughts as well as observations and recommendations from the instructor.

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