Teachers Self Defense Program

The Primal Survival™ Teachers Program

Over the past decade there has been an increase in school violence, not only student on student but also on teachers by students. Teachers are confronted with many potentially violent situations that were unheard of years ago. Due to more and more requests from teachers, Primal Survival has now developed a course specifically designed for teachers giving them the skills to not only deal with potentially violent students verbally but also physically. Recent data * on violent crime shows that 7 percent (10 percent in urban schools) of teachers in 2003 were subject to threats of injury by students. Many schools have Safe School policies which are valuable and required, but violence can happen in an instant and there is no substitute for one having the ability and skill to handle any situation that may occur at a moment’s notice.
These situations may include any of the following:

  • Verbally abusive / threatening student (s)
  • Physically abusive students
  • Breaking up fights between students
  • Student (s) with Weapons
  • Gang Activities
  • Personal Safety to and from school

Primal Survival has the flexibility to offer a course after school when we are already scheduled at school teaching students or our Teachers Program would also be perfect at your next Professional Activity Day. Our course can be tailored exactly to your needs whether it is for teachers, administration and support staff or to your staff in general. Like all Primal Survival courses, we address the 3 D’s of Detect, Defuse, Defend. All our courses teach how to recognize danger, react to danger and how to respond whether it is verbally, or as a last resort, physically.

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