Weapons – A Definition

By on July 11, 2011

Most of the time when I talk to others about self defense, most people have a limited idea of what a weapon is. I get things like a gun or a knife, a bat, etc. And on rare instances i might get something like razor blades, glass, bombs, a needle, or even a bottle. But I will tell you this right now. ALL of these weapons just mentioned are just a very small portion of weapons found in our day to day lives.
The dictionary has weapon defined as:
Any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war, against an opponent, adversary, or victim.
So when you think of a weapon that you can use to defend yourself, you should be thinking of ANYTHING you can get your hands on to use. Here are some other weapons that you might not have thought of.
A Belt
A Cell Phone
A mp3 Player
A Makeup Compact or Lipstick
A Chair
A Camera
A Briefcase or Handbag
A Wallet
A Pack of Gum
Wiring of Some Sort
A Blanket
A Pen or Pencil
A Child’s Toy
A Coat/Jacket
A Newspaper/Book/Magazine
A Computer/Laptop
A Spatula
A Remote Control
A Shoe (for all you Jerry Springer fans out there)
Cleaning Supplies
A Musical Instrument
And the list can go on and on. The purpose of this post is not to name every single thing we can use as a weapon. It is to broaden your idea of what a weapon is and to get you to see EVERYTHING as a weapon. When I teach the Filipino martial arts, we teach you some simple weapons first (Stick, knife). But later on we teach you how to translate those tools into handling many other weapons. Until eventually you can have anything in your hand and use it as a weapon. When you go around your day to day life, try and see things from a new perspective. Try and see everything as a weapon. Or better yet, try and find something that you couldn’t use as a weapon. If you really think about it, everything can be one.


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